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A Fusion of Ancient Epic and Modern Melodies

Dive into an extraordinary project that weaves the ancient tapestry of Ferdowsi's "Shahnameh" with the vibrant threads of the present. This unique endeavor marries the epic tales of heroes, kings, and mythical beings from over a millennium ago with the contemporary sounds of The Noordpool orchestra and the soul-stirring voice of Mozhgan Shajarian in the Netherlands. Experience the legendary "Shahnameh" like never before, in a performance that transcends time, bringing together the past and present in a celebration of culture, music, and poetry. Join us on this unparalleled journey, where history breathes life into the modern day, and discover the enduring power of Ferdowsi's epic masterpiece in a new light.


About us

The Ferdowsi Foundation, inspired by the Ferdowsi Project, seeks to bring the ancient wisdom of Ferdowsi into the present day. Through the universal language of art and culture, the foundation aims to give Ferdowsi a worldwide platform, blending Eastern and Western traditions. Collaborating with the Noordpool Orkest and Mozhgan Shajarian, the foundation embodies the spirit of "Shahnameh" by advocating for peace, harmony, and understanding across cultures. This initiative not only celebrates Ferdowsi's epic tales but also uses them as a bridge to connect diverse audiences in a shared experience of empathy, love, and resilience.

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