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Support the Ferdowsi Project! Your donation helps preserve Ferdowsi's legacy and promotes cultural understanding worldwide. Join us in our mission today!


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Here are the reasons why sponsoring us is worth doing:

Supporting culture

In an increasingly diverse world, embracing various cultures, languages, and traditions is paramount. Culture is not just a facet of life; it defines identities and fosters understanding among people. By supporting us, you contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity. Regrettably, the rich literary heritage of Iran remains unknown to many. Figures like Ferdowsi, our celebrated poet, exemplify Iran's cultural pride. Through our efforts, we aim to illuminate the world about his legacy—how he defied power and liberated Iranian culture through his epic poetry. By sponsoring us, you become a champion of cultural enrichment and understanding.

Making History

Our project signifies a historic moment: it's the first time Ferdowsi's legacy is extensively presented to the world. Additionally, it's the first time we combine Ferdowsi's poems with orchestral and Zurkhaneh performance simultaneously.

Savoring a unique concept

Our fusion of traditional art and music breaks new ground. Our masterpiece intertwines Ferdowsi's poetry, the Zurkhaneh tradition, and recordings by Jamshid Mashayekhi, a revered Iranian actor, with the Noordpool Orchestra in the Netherlands. The debut performance will take place at TivoliVredenburg in the Netherlands.

Having the world as the audience

This project, produced in the Netherlands, will captivate audiences across borders with performances scheduled in various countries including the Netherlands, England, and America. With each performance, we aim to share the rich cultural heritage of Persian culture, as exemplified by Ferdowsi's timeless poetry. By showcasing the depth and beauty of Persian culture, we strive to foster cross-cultural appreciation and understanding on a global scale.


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