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I, HAMID SHEIKHBAHAI AS an organizer, hope to convey the message of LOVE, PEACE & FRIENDSHIP to people around the world without ethnic, racial, religious, and political fanaticisms with the language of art which is a beautiful one with no borders.

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Persian music

After some years of efforts in composing and performing the piece “Dordaneh-ye Vatan”, which is a national music with the global statement in describing Ferdowsi and the other great men like him, SAFA group is trying to follow the ways of the heroes of Shahnameh; standing like Kaveh, against the Zahhak of our era, i.e. the illiteracy and ignorance, and pass through the seven stages of the spiritless mechanized life, similar to Rostam, and talk to everyone about the message of empathy, love and resistance with the beautiful sound of music and works. With his eloquent writings and with the magic of epics, Ferdowsi reminded us about our true identity, and we want to follow him, and this time remind love and resistance with the beautiful sound of music.

This piece together with the music of zoorkhaneh (traditional gym) and reading Shahnameh, with reminding the chivalry behavior and following the heroes and the manner of magnanimity, and with Residency Orchestra will have find glorious atmosphere in Amsterdam Symphony Hall and with the pleasant and warm declamation of Mr. Jamshid Mashayekhi.

This work of art that is named as a “masterpiece”, not only by us, but also by the affirmation of many founders of art, culture, and literature, has the following dimensions:

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