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Hamid sheikhbahaei

Hamid Sheikh Bahaei the player of daf (a large Middle Eastern frame drum) and other percussion musical instruments, researcher, theorist, and producer in Isfahan, Iran. He established “SAFA” music group in 1998, and has so far managed to have successful performances in most places of the world, such as America, Europe, and Asia. One of the prominent performances of this group headed by him was “Meeting with God in the Silk Road” in Germany 1998 with the presence of Professor Anne Marie Schimmel, which was considered among the first mystical performances in that decade. He could also hold the first grand tour of the ladies group in Europe and America with the presence of Ms. Nahid Daei Javad, the conspicuous singer of the country, who revived the golden memories of the past with her performance after thirty years.

The conductor of this group established the group of percussion instruments with women in 2004. By addition of other different instruments to the percussion players, this group decided to have the name “SAFAHAN” and could have various performances in Iran, as well as the European and American countries. By the continuation of the activities and at his discretion, the groups “SAFA” and “SAFAHAN” were combined and got the name “The sound as far as it is Eastern”. One of the performances of this group included playing local music of seven different regions in Iran in the Netherlands in 2015.

Hamid Sheikh Bahaei has continued his activities in introducing the traditional Iranian music and the richness of this music, and together with his group, he is trying to attract the attention of the people in the world to the motto regarding love and friendship by the aid of the traditional Iranian music.

The performances and holding of concerts by this group have been reduced in the recent years, and Mr. Hamid Sheikh Bahaei is seriously trying to produce and record two music DVDs, called “Dordaneh-ye Vatan” (The County’s Minion) and “Ghogha-ye ritm” (The Uproar of Rhythm), which are the result of years of activities and research by him.

The executing positions and art performances of Hamid Sheikh Bahaei within “SAFA” and “SAFAHAN” groups are as follows:

Executing positions

- 2010: Manager of “daf” group in the Artistic Center

- 2005: Manager of “daf” group in the Artistic Center

- 2001: Member of the jury for evaluating the specialized competence of the music instructors

- 1988:

• Beginning of working with IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) – Isfahan Center and performing various programs in Jam Jam TV and Fajr Music Festival

• Activities in Isfahan Music Council as referee and the proctor for “daf” instrument

SAFA group performances

CHINA: •2000: Performance at China Music Festival, Shian City GERMANY: •2002:Performance in Freiburg, on the occasion of the step sisterhood of Esfahan and Freiburg, •2003: Performance in Mulheim & Dusseldorf •2004: Performance in Mulheim & Freiburg in Weirhoff School Hall •2005: Performance in Freiburg City, on the occasion of step sisterhood of Esfahan & Freiburg in the city concert Hall . •2007: Participation at Tamburi Mundi Festival, Germany, Freiburg City. NETHERLANDS: •2003: Performance in Rotterdam World Museum. •2007: Performance in Rotterdam City Central Library / Jalalledin at Mystic Festival in Utrecht City on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Molana •2008:The solo playing of Mr. Hamid Sheikh Bahaei at Mystic Festival •2012: Performance in Rotterdam City , Utrecht. ENGLAND: •2009: Performance in Britain in Durham & Birmingham and at the University of Oxford. US: 2005: • Performance in Florida International University (FIU) • Performance in Tampa City at the university of South Florida (USF) • Performance in Daytona Beach City, invited by Embry Riddle Aeronautical •Performance in Atlanta at Emory University, White Hall • Performance in New York, in Clen Cove • Performance in New Jersey, At Rutgers University 2008: •Performance in College of Hospitality in the presence of the Mayor of Daytona Beach City, Mr. Glen Ritchey, the Mayor of Ormond Beach , Mr. Dr. Fred Castello, Ms. Ruddy Bakhtiar, the famous journalist of CNN & Fox News Broadcasting Centers. They held interviews with Mr. Hamid Sheikh Bahaei. Named, " Passport to Persia", the presentation was offered to every member of Florida State Citizenship Badge Group. • Performance at Bethune-Cookman University • Performance at Daytona state college • Performance at Embry Riddle (Aeronautical) University • Performance at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa City • Performance at Wolf University Center in Miami • Performance at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville City • Performance in Page Auditorium Hall at Duke University


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